Who we are


Established in 1992, SONATRANS is a company based in Casablanca and in Tangiers, operating in international transport and logistics.


Class “A” Certified Economic Operator


Active worldwide through its large network of agents and partners, we daily ensure the delivery of goods by our own means by road, sea and air from Europe, Asia and the Americas.
We offer the most suitable solution to our customers and guarantee a quality service, making our expertise and know-how available.

Over the years, we have successfully adapted to market demand, by diversifying the proposed modes of transport, along with the different logistics solutions matching the customers’ expectations.
Currently, we have more than 60 employees, spread over 2 sites, between Casablanca and Tangiers, and a CBW (Custom Bonded Warehouse) of nearly 4000m² located in the Atlantic Logistic zone in Ain Sebaâ, Casablanca.

Labels / Certifications

Our qualifications make us a strong
partner for all the operations that
our clients wish to achieve:

Authorized Economic Operator Class A


That enables us to benefit from appreciable advantages with customs and in our warehouse;
and it also enables us to transport, in transit bond-note from one bonded zone to another bonded zone

IATA Certification


That enables us to set our own AWB as an air carrier and to benefit from preferential rates with 250 airlines and that also enables us a transport in transit bond-note from an airport to all free zones of Morocco


A solid expertise with the
management of more than 200
regular customers
who trust us


30 years in transport
and 50 years in customs


A team of over 60 employees,
committed to satisfy
all the requests of
our customers